June 20, 2012

More BW2 Info + Pokemon Conquest US Release & Passwords

Lets start with BW2 info.

A magazine called Dengeki has provided new information about the areas in the new Unova.

  • In the southwest of Unova, there are new areas: Sangi Ranch, Tachiwaki City, Pokewood, Sangi Town, Aspertia Town, Tachiwaki Complex, Route 19, Route 20
    • Route 19 Pokemon: Patrat, Purrloin
    • Route 20: Pidove, Sewaddle, Dunsparce, Audino, Purrloin, Patrat, Venipede, Sunkern
    • Sangi Ranch: Lillipup, Riolu, Pidove, Azurill, Dunsparce, Audino, Patrat, Mareep, Psyduck
    • Tachiwaki Complex: Magby/Elekid, Pidove (Outside), Growlithe (Inside), Koffing (Inside), Magnemite, 
  • For the first time, you will be able to search for Pokemon using a map on the Pokedex.
  • Cheren's team is Patrat (Lvl. 11) and Lillipup (13) and will give you the TM for Work Up
  • Homika's team will be Koffing (16) and Whirlipede (18) and will give you Venoshock
  • You can change Keldeo's form in Oath Woods
  • Your mother and your rival's younger sister give you the Running Shoes and Town Map
  • You meet Alder in Route 19
  • You have a rival battle in Sangi Ranch
  • You need to help your rival find a Herdier. If you find one, you get TM21
  • You get a medal box in Sangi Town and six hints to medal locations
  • In Alder's House, there are two battles
  • Bianca gives you the C-Gear after you beat Cheren. This unlocks trading.
  • You get a Pokedex upgrade on Route 20
  • If ou beat three trainers within Tackiwaki Complex, you got TM94, Rock Smash.
  • You fight Team Plasma for the first time in Tachawaki City, then in Route 20.
  • Castelia City is accessible via a boat ride.
  • The order of Gym Leaders are as follows:
    • Cheren (Balance Badge), Homika (Toxic Badge), Burgh (Beetle Badge), Elesa (Bolt Badge), Clay (Quake Badge), Skyla (Jet Badge), Drayden (Legend Badge), Shizui (Unknown Badge)
Pokemon Conquest was released on June 18. Here are a few passwords to unlock Pokemon:
  • Eevee: 2rz3XFCKmR
  • Dratini: Sr5Z5GqAgR
  • Gyarados: mq2xRVNgRL
  • Cincinno: vVALFrGTXX
  • Oshawott: frCLRpXG88
  • Gible: LTb3n3RYJ8
  • Panpour: CNZF3wpq3x
  • Pansear: niE33w9rwM
  • Axew: BqWxXEK3xg
  • Darmanitan: pK5RgzqLG8
  • Sneasel: Rc338MpqLx
  • Beldum: CMqkZRRSRX
  • Larvitar: Lpu3ggCYk8
  • Emolga: Jnm3kqgN8X
  • Pikachu: FZP8GqRZRR
  • Riolu: Shw8mxRAJR
  • Scyther: 8GV3LMGrnM
  • Lapras: GfV33RVN3F

June 13, 2012

Keldeo Resolution Form + New BW2 Corocoro Details

Corocoro has come in and new details have come out, including Keldeo's new form.

Nothing much is known about Keldeo's new form, except that it gets a blue horn, a longer mane, and its forms can be changed in a forest near Sangi Town, a new town. You need Terrakion, Verizion, and Cobalion to help change Keldeo's form. It will be able to change when it learns Sacred Sword. It weighs 48.5kg and is 1.4m tall.

Corocoro has come in and revealed new details.
  • PokeTransfer will return
  • Tornadus, Landorus and Thundurus can change form with an item called the Reflecting Mirror, which can be found be taking a Dream Radar-captured Landorus to an area in the game.
    • Tornadus's new form will have the ability Regenerator
    • Thundurus's new form will have the ability Volt Absorb
    • Landorus's new form will habe the ability Intimidate
  • Fes Mission may have over 100 people to be connected with
  • Black Kyruem and White Kyruem have the abilities Teravolt and Turboblaze respectively.
  • You will be able to trade with B&W when you get the C-Gear
  • Tachiwaki City may be called Virbank City in the American version of the games. (UNCONFIRMED)
  • Magby/Magmar/Magmortar and Buneary/Lopunny will be available exclusively in Black 2 and Elekid/Electabuzz/Electivire and Skitty/Delcatty will be available exclusively in White 2
  • PokeTransfer works with all Gen. IV games.
  • Caves vary with versions. In Black 2, the caves are water based. In White 2, the games are magma based.
  • Black City and White Forest return
  • Elesa's gym is now based on a fashion show. 
    • She now has a Flaffy.
  • A WiFi distribution will occur, featuring a Piplup that knows Sing. It will be available on BW2 and lasts from July 20 to August 9.
  • A special Fes Mission is unlocked in Castelia City when you show someone Meloetta. The event is entitled "A Great Berry Search Adventure" and has you search around Unova for berries. It lasts 3 minutes.
  • Another Fes Mission that can be unlocked is called "Search for Audino"
  • An image of Join Avenue shows a shop, called "Gambare A Lunch", that sells a new item that increases HP Base Points in EVs.
  • Porygon is available via Dream Radar. 
  • You can use Dream Orbs that can be obtained in Dream Radar to help you capture Pokemon.

June 9, 2012

Possible New Forme for Keldeo?

Evidence has been going around that Keldeo is getting a new forme on BW2.

This picture of new Pokemon merchandise lists Keldeo as its "Usual Forme," meaning that Keldeo may get a second forme.

Also, on Shokotan's, one of the cast of Pokemon Smash, blog, she tells of her astonishment at Keldeo's "Resolution Forme," giving further evidence of a new forme.

Confirmation will come later this week.

June 6, 2012

New Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 Trailer

A new trailer was released in Japan. It doesn't reveal much, but showcases Fes Mission, Join Avenue, and the new formes of Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus's in-game formes.

June 3, 2012

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 New Details + Trailers

New trailers have been released giving new info on BW2

  • Homika is the second Gym Leader and gives you the Toxic Badge if you beat her.
  • Homika also has a Koffing
  • A feature called Fes Mission will be introduced in the games. This feature has you partake in missions with friends via Wi-Fi connection
  • Another feature called Join Avenue will also be introduced. This feature allows you and your friends to build a part of a shopping centre. Other players can visit yours, while you can also visit theirs.
  • Ghetsis and N's Zekrom/Reshiram (depending on your version) will return in the games.
  • N will say his Pokemon told him that Kyruem was in trouble.
  • You can choose various Pokewood scenarios to play in, and then select a script, where you can use a specific move in it, with several Pokemon you can rent for the movie.
  • More Pokemon have been confirmed for the Unova Dex.
    • Emolga
    • Buneary/Lopunny
    • More Unova Pokemon


May 17, 2012

Pokemon Conquest AUS Release Date + Best Wishes 2 Information

Pokemon Conquest has gotten an Australian release date. The game will be released in Australia on June 21, 2012. 

New information regarding the plot and characters of Best Wishes 2 has been released.

  • Dawn will come to East Unova to participate in contests. Cynthia will guide them along the Eastern end of Unova. The legendary Pokemon, Meloetta, will fall in love with Ash after he saves it from Giovanni and Team Rocket. It will follow him around Unova. It is unknown if he will capture it or not (If he does, that will mean he will be the first main character to own a Legendary Pokemon.)

May 16, 2012

More Pokemon Black 2 + White Information from BW2 Trailer

A new trailer based off of BW2 has been leaked onto the Internet.
It revealed new information such as:

  • Team Plasma and the Shadow Triad return.
  • Elesa will return as Gym Leader of Nimbasa City. However, Nimbasa City appears frozen, so it is unknown if her Pokemon have changed in any way.
  • Achroma does not agree with with Team Plasma's ideas.
  • Serviper, Zangoose, and more Pokemon will be in the new games.
  • Elesa's character style has changed; she now has black hair. She also still has Emolga and Zebstrika.