January 19, 2012

Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition: Gameplay Trailers

Before the game is released, there are a few gameplay trailers around Youtube. They're in Japanese, but I think you might want to see them.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Info From Videos
  • The game will come with a Shiny Rayquazza card, based on Nobunga's Rayquazza
  • Nobunaga apparently has a Rayquazza.
  • The video also revealed "Bushou Warriors". Nothing known about them except for their name.
  • You can create shortcuts in battle with Pokemon
  • Pokemon can evolve in this game.

January 16, 2012

Pokemon Rumble Blast: North American Passwords 2

Here are some more passwords revealed by Lots of good legendaries and strong Pokemon here.
* = Post-game only.

Pokemon: Articuno *
Password:  2364-4610
Location: 4-1 Frozen Tundra
Strength: 2155
Special Ability: None
Attack(s): Ice Beam

Pokemon: Zapdos *
Password: 1675-4459
Location: 4-2 Everspring Valley
Strength: 2162
Special Ability:
Attack(s): Discharge

Pokemon: Moltres *
Password: 8714-7361
Location: 4-3 Sunny Seashore
Strength: 2170
Special Ability: None
Attack(s): Flamethrower

Pokemon: Lugia *
Password: 0442-4822
Location: 2-4 Shimmering Lake
Strength: 2237
Special Ability: None
Attack(s): Aeroblast

Pokemon: Groudon *
Password: 0681-1611
Location: 3-3 Firebreathing Mountain
Strength: 2192
Special Ability: None
Attack(s): Earthquake

Pokemon: Garchomp *
Password: 1959-4010
Location: 3-1 Rugged Flats
Strength: 2113
Special Ability: Superstar
Attack(s): Dragon Claw

Pokemon: Serperior *
Password: 7111-4427
Location: 1-1 Trailhead Field
Strength: 2093
Special Ability: Grass Boost+
Attack(s): Leaf Blade

Pokemon: Emboar *
Password: 5662-7748
Location: 1-3 Echo Valley
Strength: 2120
Special Ability: Fire Boost+
Attack(s): Heat Crash

Pokemon: Samurott *
Password: 2452-2129
Location: 1-2 Seabreeze Trail
Strength: 2086
Special Ability: Water Boost+
Attack(s): Aqua Tail

Pokemon: Unfezant *
Password: 4713-9936
Location: 2-2 Misty Edgewater
Strength: 2138
Special Ability: Speedy
Attack(s): Air Slash

Pokemon: Eelektross *
Password: 2159-4650
Location: 3-2 Volcanic Slope
Strength: 2118
Special Ability: Daring
Attack(s): Crunch

Pokemon: Stunfisk *
Password: 6482-3610
Location: 2-3 Soothing Shore
Strength: 2087
Special Ability: Tangling
Attack(s): Mud Shot

Pokemon: Thundurus
Password: 8819-8699
Location: 3-3 Firebreathing Mountain
Strength: 1072
Special Ability: None
Attack(s): Thunder

January 15, 2012

NEW GAME: "Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition" Information and Pictures 1

On December 17, 2011, a new Pokemon game called "Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition" was announced at a Jump Festa event. Not much is known about the game, but here's what we know:

Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition is a crossover of Pokemon and the Nobunaga's Ambition franchise. It will be released in Japan sometime in 2012. This game will have you control various Pokemon to take over the new region of Ranse. There are 17 different castles with military commanders who all have different Pokemon. The gameplay has you use different Pokemon in a combat scenario, using them to attack enemies and complete missions.

  • Both playable characters start out with an Eevee
  • Oda Nobunaga has a Zekrom (Center)
  • Oichi has a Jigglypuff (Bottom-Left)
  • Akechi Mitsuhide has an Articuno (Top-Right)
  • Takeda Shingen has a Groudon (Top-Left)
  • Uesegi Kenshin has a Mewtwo (Top-Left)
  • Toyotomi Hideyoshi has a Monferno
  • Mōri Motonari has a Servine
  • Chōsokabe Motochika and has a Dewott
  • Maeda Keiji
  • Ishida Mitsunari
  • Katō Kiyomasa
  • Fukushima Masanori
  • Hosokawa Gracia
(Images courtesy of Bulbapedia)
Hero and Eevee

Heroine and Eevee

Oda Nobunaga and Zekrom

Uesegi Kenshin and Mewtwo

Takeda Shingen and Groudon

Oichi and Jigglypuff

Akechi Mitsuhide and Articuno

Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Monferno

Mori Motonari and Servine

Chosōkabe Motochika and Dewott

January 13, 2012

Pokemon Rumble Blast: Secret #2 - Rumpus Rooms

On rare occasions, you may notice that trampolines will be facing a different way that normal. That means your about to enter a Rumpus Room. A Rumpus Room is a rare room that has you battle many Pokemon (almost like a Battle Royale, except with money and no boss Pokemon) and let's you obtain a large amount of money.

There are two types of Rumpus Rooms. One type has you face different Pokemon from that level. The other focuses on one evolutionary chain, with four large evolved Pokemon and many little ones.

Here's a visual:

Typical Rumpus Rooms from 1-1Trailhead Field
Rumpus Room Type 1

Rumpus Room Type 2

Pokemon Rumble Blast: Secret #1 - Evolution

There are ways to evolve your Pokemon in Blast. This can help you obtain Pokemon that are really hard to get or otherwise impossible to get. To evolve Pokemon, you simply have to go to a Green roofed house and release a certain amount of Pokemon. Here's how it works:

Release 7 of the Same Pokemon: Next Evolution
Release 49 of the Same Pokemon: Final Evolution

For you viewers who learn better with pictures:
X7 = 
X49 = 

Pokemon Rumble Blast: North American Passwords

For those of you with the North American version of the game "Pokemon Rumble Blast", here are passwords that you may use.

*Please not that you cannot use passwords until you beat the game.

To use passwords, find Munna in Easterly Town.

Pokemon: Audino
Password: 0176-1458
Strength: 2102
Special Ability: Rally
Attack(s): Secret Power
Location: 2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank

Pokemon: Dialga
Password: 3402-6485
Strength: 2192+
Special Ability: None
Attack(s): Iron Tail
Location: 3-3 Firebreathing Mountain

Pokemon: Gallade
Password: 3535-6928
Strength: 1355
Special Ability: Chop-Chop
Attack(s): Fury Cutter (A), Night Slash (B)
Location: 4-2 Everspring Valley

Pokemon: Gliscor
Password: 9625-7845
Strength: 1487
Special Ability: Effective
Attack(s): X-Scissor
Location: 4-3 Sunny Seashore
Pokemon: Oshawott
Password: 7403-2240
Strength: 651+
Special Ability: PokeTC
Attack(s): Razor Shell
Location: 2-4 Shimmering Lake
Pokemon: Pikachu
Password: 7746-3878
Strength: 812
Special Ability: Electric Boost
Attack(s): Volt Tackle
Location: 3-2 Volcanic Slope
Pokemon: Snivy
Password: 0835-7338
Strength: 566
Special Ability: Grass Boost
Attack(s): Leaf Tornado
Location: 2-3 Soothing Shore

Pokemon: Tepig
Password: 2061-8332
Strength: 480
Special Ability: Fire Boost
Attack(s): Flame Charge
Location: 2-2 Misty Edgewater

Pokemon: Tornadus
Password: 0250-7321
Strength: 934
Special Ability: None
Attack(s): Hurricane
Location: 3-2 Volcanic Slope

Pokemon: Victini
Password: 6699-8898
Strength: 444
Special Ability: None
Attack(s): V-Create
Location: 2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank

Pokemon: Zoroark
Password: 2153-6742
Strength: 1172+
Special Ability: PokeTC
Attack(s): Foul Play
Location: 4-1 Frozen Tundra


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