April 14, 2012

First Black 2 and White 2 Gameplay Trailer and Clear Images!

The entire Corocoro magazine has been released an revealed clear images of BW2 and a new gameplay trailer. But first, there are more Pokemon that have been confirmed for the new Dex.

  • #025 - Mareep
  • #052 - Arcanine
  • #030 - Azurill
Here's the new trailer:

Here are the new images:

Serperior VS Black Kyruem - Kyruem using Freeze Shock
Serperior VS White Kyruem - Kyruem using Ice Burn
Choosing your player
Meeting up with your rival
Challenging your rival
Underwater Tunnels

Mareep VS Eevee
Lapras and Arcanine VS Tyranitar and Weavile

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