March 16, 2012

Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition: Coverage Day 1

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There are around 199 Pokémon and 200 different Bushous (essentially trainers) to encounter and befriend within the game
There is a Pokédex style system which registers each of these Pokémon and Bushou.
Once you claim the city, the areas within it open up for you to find the Pokémon and Bushou
Passwords are locked until you have defeated the area
Each city has the ability of having up to six Bushou assigned to it. These can be changed at will
The amount of Bushou and Pokémon you can befriend depends upon how many cities of which you are in control
Each Pokémon can only have one possible move rather than a selection. Abilities make a return within the game with similar effects to the main games
Edit: We also have a list of the first 10 area names and will be creating Area pages shortly
Hajime Nation - (Hajime Nation) - ハジメ
Flame Nation - (Kaen Nation) - カエン
Fist Nation - (Kobushi Nation) - コブシ
Earth Nation - (Daichi Nation) - ダイチ
Plant Nation - (Aoba Nation) - アオバ
Spring Nation - (Izumi Nation) - イズミ
Pupa Nation - (Sanagi Nation) - サナギ
Tram Nation - (Shiden Nation) - シデン
Wing Nation - (Tsubasa Nation) - ツバサ
Dragon Nation - (Ryu Nation) - リュウ
Gem Nation - (Gem Nation) - ゲンム
Pointy Rock Nation - (Kigan Nation) - キガン
Poison Fang Nation - (Dokuga Nation) - ドクガ
Shadow Nation - (Yasha Nation) - ヤシャ
As you get into the game, you first get attacked by Hideyoshi's squad in the Hajime nation. Defeat them and you gain access to the nation areas where you can raise your Pokémon in battle against wild Pokémon. After that, you have the opportunity to go to the Flame Nation to bring the battle to Hideyoshi. Once beaten, Keiji will appear.
Each of the various areas within each nation can increase in level as time goes on allowing for stronger opponents to arrive. 

After obtaining the Spring, Flame & Plant nations, three more nations open up, the Fist, Tram and Pupa nations. You also learn about Nobunaga's role in leading the region
Once you have defeated the Fist, Tram and Pupa nations, you unlock the Earth Nation and the Gem Nation
Created a preliminary Area Listing which will be continually updated over the next few days
Defeating either Gem Nation or Earth Nation will get you both nations and both trainers Kenshin and Shingen. This then unlocks four new areas; Wing Nation, PointyRock Nation, Poison Fang Nation and Shadow Nation. There is a tree in some areas that boosts up the power of your Bushou

We have received yet another password for Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition. This password from the official site gives you the Pokémon Panpour to befriend. The password for this Pokémon is: ズヂメ7メボオ6. We'll bring more passwords as and when they come so be sure to keep checking back
Edit: The official strategy guide has revealed the password for the Pokémon Gyarados: レルル6カミルフ

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