March 4, 2012

PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond - Coverage 7: Vast White Quills

Throughout the game, there are white feathers known as Vast White Quills. Their purpose is not used until the end of the game. You must collect at least 20 of them to awaken Reshiram. These are all of their locations.

Cove Area
Seasong Beach
  1. In the cave leading to the eastern half of the beach, there is a small path that leads to a quill. For this one, you need Snivy. Go to where the quill is and jump on the platform behind it (Emolga is hidden up there.) Jump back down onto the quill after. BEWARE: If you have not opened the chest there, Watchog will attack you. 
  2. Near the western beach, there's an island that has a quill on it. All you need is Oshawott. 
  3. Near the fountain in Seasong Beach, there are platforms leading to a cliff. To the right, there is a quill that you need Snivy to get. 
  4. After you obtain this quill, keep heading up. You will find a rock that you need Tepig to break. Once you break it, you will find a tunnel. Travel through the tunnel to find a quill and the Tornadus Shrine.
Cove Town

  1. There is a building in the northwestern side. There are boxes piled up that you can climb. There are two paths you can take. On the right, there is path that leads to Musharna. On the left, it leads to a quill. My suggestion is to take the path on the right and befriend Musharna then drop down onto the left platform and collect the quill. 
  2. This requires Snivy. In the Southwest corner of the square, you will find some boxes. Use Snivy to climb the boxes and reach the top of the building. Jump down to find the quill. If you go to the left from where you are, you will find a chest. 
  3. In the western part of Cove Town, there us a quill. Jump into the water and swim behind all the boxes. You will find an open tunnel that leads into a vent. Follow it until you find the quill.
Arbor Area
Windmill Way
  1. Jump into the water with Oshawott near the entrance and go near the rocks that block the water. The quill is there. 
  2. The next one is located on the windmill. Use Snivy to jump onto the boxes near the windmill to get to the quill.
Verdant Court
  1. Jump to where Skiploom is. there is a small cliff with a quill. 
  2. Jump into the water with Oshawott and head to the small cove in the eastern side. There is a quill there. 
  3. On the boardwalk behind the waterfall, you can find another quill hidden near it. 
  4. There is a broken bridge that is fixed after game completion. You can use Snivy to jump and get it. 
  5. In Dugtrio's secret room, there is a quill in the south. 
  6. In the secret cave that can be accessed with Tepig, you can find a quill hidden near Ferrothorn. 
  7. On the plateau where Stunfisk it originally located is a quill.
Crag Area
Rockridge Fort
  1. In the southeast corner, there are stairs that lead to a cliff. Jump down that cliff and you will get a quill. Before jumping off the cliff, go right to find a chest. 
  2. Climb the sloping stairs and take the bridge that goes northwest. Keep going north to find another quill.
  1. Find a platform that Snivy can jump o near the entrance of the cave where Rhyperior is. Jump up until you find the quill. 
  2. In the actual colosseum, there is a quill near Garchomp. 
  3. On one of the houses (where Munna is), there is a quill on the roof. 
  4. On the secret island Mandibuzz can take you to, there is a quill in the northwestern corner.
Tech Area
Train Depot
  1. The first quill you will encounter is directly on the first train top. Go onto the roof of the outlook and jump to get the quill. 
  2. In the area where Golurk is, go south west. You find a path where Pokemon like Scizor and Voltorb are. You will find a small area with a quill.
  1. In the panel maze, there is a quill hiding on the top of a box. After you have hit the third switch, go a little up from the center and fall onto the box to get the quill. 
  2. When you get to the area where you hit the third switch, go left and jump over all the boxes. Keep going until you find boxes blocking your path. You will see a platform Snivy can jump to. Keep jumping up the platforms until you find a quill. 
  3. Once you are on the last platform to the door, you will see another platform that is accessible. Jump onto it and go all the way up. There will be a metal beam to the quill. If you continue to go to the area where Klingklang hid, you will find a chest holding 500 berries.
Arcane Area
  1. Head to the northwest corner and you will notice cliffs heading upward. Climb them and grab the quill. 
  2. In the southwestern corner, there will be a rock Tepig can break. Behind it is a quill. 
  3. In the southeastern side, jump into the lake. Swim to the furthest part of the southeast corner and jump onto the land. You will find a quill.
Wish Park
Power Zone
  1. In a path in the eastern side of the Power Zone via the Cake Zone, there is a quill at the end of it.
Flight Zone
  1. Near the south side of the Flight Zone, there is a pond. In the middle is a quill.
Wish Palace
  1. In the back where the Dais is, there is a quill.


  1. Thanks for the guide, though I think there's 40 feathers in total. I've found 39, and can't find the last one...

    There's 4 in the 2D areas, and I found at least 5 in Wish Park (one in each zone, and one in wish palace).

  2. There is one in cove town where the corphish are. Its behind bars so you go in the water and go behind the crates and you follow the tunnel ti the quill

  3. I can't find a good source for all of them. There are 40 in all. I'm relatively sure they have something to do with the little hole in the arcane area, but I'm not sure. And, rumors say, that little hole has to do with evolving your pokemon. I don't know for sure, but you sure should try some research yourself!

  4. I can only find 28 of them.....somebody please help me

  5. You forgot to mentoin there is in the lighthouse on Season Beach. You can only get after the game is complete.