March 18, 2012

Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition: Coverage Day 2

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  • Once you have defeated the Pointy Rock, Poison Fang and Shadow Nations, three more nations are unlocked. The Matama Nation (Matama マタマ), the Fukushi Nation (Fukushi フクシ) and the Blizzard Nation (Fubuki フブキ)
  • In addition to this, the password to obtain Audino has been revealed to be セ6ゼチ86ヤヒ and to obtain Pikachu: メキト7ア8オト
  • Small interesting note. The Ranse region is shaped like the Pokémon Arceus
  • Once you have beaten the Matama Nation, Fukushi Nation and Blizzard nation, the final 17th nation appears, the Ryu Nation, led by Nobunaga
  • After you have defeated Nobunaga, a new area opens up in Dragon Nation which contains the legendary Pokémon: Arceus
  •  Once Arceus has been befriended, you need to defeat Nobunaga again, but this time he uses his Rayquaza. Defeat him and you end the first part of the narrative. Next comes the post-game content
  • In the post-game, you are restricted to the Episodes focusing on the other characters. All your stats for Pokémon collected remain but the main overworld is no longer accessible
  •  When you start off the post game, there are 8 episodes to play. When you play an episode and finish it, multiple episodes will be unlocked. Your Collection gets added to in each episode so you can still get all the Pokémon and leaders, however as the storyline is done, these episodes are all that's left. There appear to be 33 in total, each showcasing a special Bushou, many of whom you didn't use in the main narrative.
  • In the episodes, you follow the adventures of the Bushou and have to battle in a certain amount of nations. There are five stars for difficulty and this shows how long they are.

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