March 4, 2012

PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond - Coverage 6: Legendary Pokemon + Arcane Area

The Story
  • After the credits role, you will have a cutscene and be shown in Cove Town. The Pokemon will tell you of new adventures, such as looking at what happened to Wish Park and the Battle Tournament in the Crag Area,
  • The first adventure I'll start with is the new area, the Arcane Area and the search for Legends.
  • First, head to the Arbor Area. Go to Verdant Court. Go up to where the broken bridge is. Timburr will be there. He will say he needs time to fix it. A good idea would be to befriend all of the area masters. Conkeldurr has already been befriended, so find Samurott, Emboar and Serperior.
  • Samurott challenges you to a battle to befriend him. He is very strong, so I suggest using Pikachu or Snivy to quickly take him down.
  • For Serperior, you have to push 2 Lilligants and 2 Leavannys out of the ring. The will attack you, however. Serperior will be on an island using Leaf Storm on you.
  • Finally, there's Emboar. To befriend him, you have to battle him. He is very strong. I suggest using Oshawott to wrap it up quickly.
  • Head to the Tech Area. We are going to start a mission now. Head to the Scientorium and enter the Wish Park. Go to the entrance to Wish Palace. Gothia and Gothorita will talk to you. They will tell you that Gothitelle won't leave Wish Palace and is waiting for Darkrai to return. Go talk to one of the area masters (Samurott, Emboar or Serperior). The fastest way to do this is exit through one of the other portals in the Cake Zone or Power Zone.
  • When you talk to an area master, s/he will give you a Deep  Black Orb. If you break the orb, you can get what's inside. If you bring it to the Dias in Wish Park, you will meet Zekrom. Since no one can break it, Snivy suggests to take it to Reuniclus. Head to the Scientorium.
  • Once there, talk to Reuniclus. He will want to know if there's anything you have that you can research. He will reveal that he does know how to break it. He can create a machine to break it. He will need the power equivalent to the energy in wind, thunder and land. Oshawott tells of a legend that tells of a Pokemon that can create powerful winds. Find Samurott in the Cove Area.
  • Once you find Samurott,  he will tell you about Tornadus, the Pokemon in the legend. He will tell you of a spell that can wake Tornadus at his shrine.
  • Head to the cliffs where the fountain are. At the top of the cliffs, go right and keep climbing. You will find a rock Tepig can break (If you've already broken it, skip this part). Break it and run through the cave behind it. You will find his shrine.
  • Chant the spell and Tornadus will appear. He says he will give you his power if you can beat him in Chase. Defeat him and he will tell you about his friend, Thundurus. He can supply the power of lightning. His shrine is located in the Colosseum.
  • To get to his shrine, you will need to befriend Mandibuzz. To befriend her, you will need to give her 30 Everflames. Luckily, there is a collection box that can supply that. In the lava cave, after you climb down all the cliffs, there is a collection box that always has Everflames. After you have collected them, head to Mandibuzz and give them to her. She will fly you to the secret island. There, you will find Thundurus's shrine.
  • Thundurus is the same as Tornadus. If you catch him in a game of Chase, he will lend you his powers. Once you catch him, he will tell you to look for Landorus in the Arcane Area. Go back to the broken bridge you went to before where Timburr is.
  • Once you reach the bridge, you will see that Timburr has fixed the bridge. Be sure to collect the quill. Across the bridge, you can meet new Pokemon like Scolipede and Burmy. Keep heading west and enter the Arcane Area.
  • There are many new Pokemon in the Arcane Area, such as Mareep and Swanna. Jump into the lake from the southern side and swim to the island in the middle. Landorus's shrine is there. Snivy will chant the spell and Landorus will appear. To get him to go to the Scientorium, you have to defeat him in battle.
  • Landorus  is EXTREMELY powerful. He has a massive amount of HP and very powerful attacks. Use Oshawott to finish him off. Once you beat him, go to the Scientorium.
  • Talk to Reuniclus once you reach the Scientorium. Reuniclus will confirm he can power the machine with the three Legendary Pokemon. Strangely, his machine is a microwave. Once he opens it, it will show the Vast Dark Orb broken into pieces. He will give you the Bolt Spike. Take it to Wish Palace.
  • The Dais is at the back of the room. Check it. It will take you to Zekrom.
  • You will have to battle Zekrom. Use Tepig, as this will be the toughest battle you have faced yet. Zekrom's attacks are incredibly strong. He can send out shock waves that can hit you from a long distance. He will also punch the ground and create a huge discharge. Your best bet is to power Tepig up and keep using his Dash Combo and Heat Crash. Once you defeat him, he will tell you about seeking out Reshiram. With his approval, you can bring back Darkrai. Snivy will tell you to go find Queen Serperior.
  • She will tell you to find 20 of the Vast White Quills (for a full list of locations, check the next post.)
  • Once you find them, head to the Arcane Area. Head to the northeastern corner and jump up over the cliffs. At the top, you will find Reshiram's shrine. I HIGHLY suggest using Oshawott for this battle. If you have been using Dewott to power him up, it will be easier to defeat Reshiram. Reshiram has very powerful attacks. He will use giant power balls to throw at you and damage you. He will also fly into you with a huge amount of power. Once you beat him, he and Zekrom will bring Darkrai back. The credits will role again.
  • The final Legendary Pokemon to befriend is Darkrai. Head to Once the credits finish rolling, you will be taken to Wish Palace. Darkrai will return. An entire cutscene will occur. Darkrai will befriend you.
Arcane Area
  • Drifblim
  • Meowth
  • Basculin
  • Mareep
  • Lotad
  • Hoppip
  • Swadloon
  • Jolteon
  • Charizard (Befriend Scrafty)
  • Slowpoke (Befriend Swanna)
  • Squirtle (Befriend Mudkip)
  • Mudkip
  • Azurill
  • Budew (Befriend Azurill)
  • Sawsbuck
  • Bouffalant (Befriend Sawsbuck)
  • Scrafty
  • Swanna
  • Landorus (Befriend Thundurus)
Vast White Quills
  • Head to the northwest corner and you will notice cliffs heading upward. Climb them and grab the quill.
  • In the southwestern corner, there will be a rock Tepig can break. Behind it is a quill.
  • In the southeastern side, jump into the lake. Swim to the furthest part of the southeast corner and jump onto the land. You will find a quill.

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